Zebra Machine Vision Partner Certificate

With a high technical skill team and deep knowledge in machine vision, Vision AI Tech officially become Zebra's partner for machine vision field in Vietnam. We believe with such collaboration VAT will grow faster and able to support more customer with better service.  

OCR Deep Learning Release

In traditional Vision application field, OCR task is very popular and most of time consuming is optimize parameters, in which the text could be well segmented from background and recognized accurately. However, sometime its is impossible to read correctly in case of various sized, non-uniform backgrounds, blurred characters, reflective...

Detect hole & scratch defect in printer roller

Printing quality is the first priority for every printer manufacturer, and one of most important part inside one printer is roller. Unfortunately, roller is made from a material which easily get defect such as hole, burn, scratch...Due to various of form and dark, those defects mostly still are checked...

Character or Digit Hand Writing Recognition

Most of traditional approach for OCR application is using SVM to classify, it works well with printing document due to the font, color and size not change too much. When facing to hand writing document, this approach become less accuracy and almost cannot use in production. Thanks to Deep...

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