Zivid Two

Zivid Two

Zivid Two gives you exceptional 3D image quality lightning fast in an ultra-compact form-factor. Design fast, reliable pick and place robots cells capable of handling a wide variety of challenging objects and scenes.


High quality, native color 3D point clouds for better object recognition.

See tiny objects and the fine details

High resolution and precision point clouds of even very small, densely packed or highly detailed objects. Distinguish features smaller than 5 mm.

See reflective and shiny objects.

Take images of traditionally challenging parts such as sheet metal, machined and polished parts, glossy packaging, semi-transparent and plastic wrapped objects. Excellent suppression of artifacts from reflections, interreflections, specular highlights and high contrast transitions.

See a wide variety of objects.

The unique combination of native color and high dynamic range enables imaging of a broad range of objects. Plastic, ceramic, metal, cardboard, wood, colored, textured, light, dark and absorptive. Single or mixed SKU bin scenarios, densely stacked or randomly arranged.

True to reality 3D point clouds for more accurate and reliable grasping and manipulation

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